You’re The Apple of God’s Eye

By Tim Ewing —  June 9, 2013 — Leave a comment


Inspired by the song “Created” by Dez Childs

Listen to Dez Child’s “Created” by clicking here

Have you ever sat and really looked at God’s handiwork? Isn’t it amazing? You can see the starlit sky at night. The stars seem to shine like diamonds. Or have you ever watched the heavens at dawn when it looks like a blazing orange canvas? Even when the stormy days come and they are filled with gray skies, torrents of rainfall, and winds sway the trees like they are dancing, it is a sight to see the wonders of God’s artistic hand.

I couldn’t help from daydreaming the other day as I gazed out my window. I watched the lightening and heard the thunder. The rain was so heavy you could hardly see the shapes of the trees. The Creator of the universe created all that artwork. Our minds are captivated at the wonders of God’s creation. Flowers bounce back after torrents of rain. Birds and squirrels even sit in the trees as if to watch what is happening around them. Yet in all this beautiful scenery there is something greater.

His greatest masterpiece is you and me. Wow! When the Lord created the heavens and the earth, He rested and said all that He made was good. Yet, something was missing… us. So He made man in the image and likeness of Himself. Man and woman were created to have fellowship with God. We weren’t the afterthought in creation. We were the special finishing touches. He longs for the day when He shall gather His children and we shall be with Him for all eternity. As I was thinking about this concept, God placed a really profound thought on my heart. He loves us so much He chose not to live without us at the beginning of creation nor when He went to the cross! We are His greatest work of art, so valuable that He says we are the apples of His eye. (If you don’t believe me check out Zechariah 2:8)Next time you look in the mirror, try looking at yourself the way God sees you and cherish your time on this earth. Take time to tell Him how much you love Him and all He has done for you. Try not to take life for granted, but rather value it. You are the most prized possession God has. You are His masterpiece. What matters most to Him is you!


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Dez Childs is a contemporary Christian singer/songwriter from South Jersey. Created can be found on her Heart Cry CD which can be found on  amazon, itunes, or on her website. For more information about Dez you can go to her website at:

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