Thanksgiving at Sister Jean’s Kitchen

By Jess Volpe —  November 30, 2013 — 1 Comment

Praise the Lord for Sister Jean, the Staff and the Volunteers!

For a long time I had been ignoring the tug on my heart I felt from God for me to “Go” and help others more needy than I. I had to get my financial problems straightened out before I could give to others, right? Wrong. I finally heard a televangelist on TBN say, “God doesn’t need your money. There is always someone more needy than you.” Boy was he right, and boy was I glad I finally got off my butt and did something about it. If nothing else, it felt good to be around other like minded, friendly, fun people with the spirit of service, to display the glory of God.

For the past quite a few years, my faith in people has been on a steady decline. In one day, a couple of hours – no, within a couple of minutes, my faith in people was renewed immensely.

It started straight away, just from the friendly greeting of “Philly” Miller, the staff member who coordinates the whole operation, right on down to the polite and grateful recipients of a Thanksgiving meal that could be rivaled by the most skilled of home cooks. The plate looked so delicious I was tempted to sit down at a table myself!IMG_2972

Jimmy Fadigan, who brought along his mother Marlene to pitch in hand, and I had a friendly discussion outside between feedings. Staff Cook Chuck Beverly with Francisco Ortiz at his side, not only cooked, but directed the steady stream of volunteer traffic, around tables, patrons and other volunteers with plates and drinks in hand, to the tables that needed the most immediate attention. Frank Bright, the Doorman, was right on point all day. He too did more than what his job description suggests. Howard Shearch I suspect had the hardest job of all washing mountains of dishes and huge pots and pans. Like huge enough to feed 500-600 people. I could tell it wasn’t Mr. Robert Hilton Wyatt’s first time volunteering, judging by the way he new his way around the kitchen and dining room bringing cheer to everyone around him.I must say all of the volunteers were very friendly, courteous and helped each other out, especially newbies like me.

One thing I realized at this event was that the people receiving that meal weren’t the only ones to benefit from it. God’s wisdom is awesome. I’m learning why Jesus said to Satan in that desert,”Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” KJV Matthew 4:4

The list of people who volunteered at Sister Jean’s Kitchen Thanksgiving 2013 is below. If if anyone else wants their name added to the list contact me and I will add your name.

Staff Members

  • Philly Miller        – Coordinator

    Sister Jean's Kitchen

    Sister Jean’s Kitchen

  • Chuck Beverly   – Cook
  • Francisco Ortiz   – Assistant Cook
  • Howard Shearch – Dishwasher
  • Frank Bright       – Doorman


  • Wendy Lawson
  • Jimmy Fadigan
  • Marlenen Fadigan
  • Odessa Lawry
  • Migquila Paci
  • Lauren Ingram
  • Darlene Ray
  • Deborah Ray
  • Robert Wyatt
  • Maggie Daniel
  • Laketa Long
  • Jakayla Smith
  • Armond Branch
  • Alisa Chappell
  • Rosanne Gracco
  • Maggie Daniel
  • Bailee Daniel

Feel free to call me, leave your comments and check out the awesome pics. God Bless You Everyone!
Jess Volpe 609-969-9066

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