Smile, Today Is A Brand New Day

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Inspired by “See The Sun” by 3 Shades of Blue

Click here to listen to 3 Shades of Blue’s song called “See the Sun” by clicking here

“Satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love, so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives. Give us gladness in proportion to our former misery! Replace the evil years with good.” (Psalm 90:14-15)

What if every single morning was like starting out your life for the first time? If the first thing smelled wasn’t coffee from the preset coffeemaker, but of “new life?” A smell so fresh and pure it’s like walking through the gates of heaven. What if all our preconceived notions and thoughts harbored from the day before were replaced with new and greater expectations untainted by fear, doubt and disappointment? Could you imagine opening your eyes without weariness and dread of what will become of this package of moments that comprise just one day without the weight of bills, school, work, kids and other problems life seems to always offer? Is it possible for a day not to include your past with all the failures and looming guilt of poor choices, bad habits and mounting circumstances? Believe it or not, as a Child of God is not only a possibility but a definite reality for those who start each day not with coffee, caffeine or the morning news, but choose to wake up to the unfailing love of God and seek His satisfaction with the sunrise each day.

Too often the Lord is not the first thing that crosses our mind with the arrival of daylight, but rather all the things we left behind the day before. Satisfaction produces singing in the soul and joy in the heart of mankind. The problem is that we as humans are seldom satisfied, and when we are it is usually only temporary. The reason that it’s temporary is because most satisfaction comes from the things of this world. However, for those who choose to put their love, faith and trust in God, hope is new each day and the satisfaction we receive is lasting, because it’s eternal. With each sunrise, your hope is secure in the Lord and a new brand day arrives with it. The thing we need to remember is that It is up to you whether or not you decide to accept the gift of each new day.

Give gladness in proportion to our former misery! Former misery plague individuals every single day as many people carry the weight and burdens of the past from day to day, year to year and throughout entire lifetimes never accepting God’s faithful exchange. You see, God will gladly exchange your sorrows for gladness. In fact, each morning He greets you with a sunrise to illuminate His Love for you in life. You are alive not by fate or some random act of nature but because the God of the Universe chose to give you life and a purpose. The fact that you are still breathing means that purpose is alive in you. However, doubt and disbelief often rob us of our ability to see past the veil of the past that clouds are view of today. His portion is enough! As each new day is accepted and lived in the fullness of God, suddenly the weight of your past is lifted and it floats away in the sea of forgetfulness with the sin that God has lain to rest there through the blood of Jesus. The light of each new day enables us to see the grace of God at work.

In the stillness of the morning as the sun slowly climbs into the sky, the light of God’s love exposes the truth that God’s overwhelming love for His people never fails. Continuously He is pouring His mercy over His people hoping they will see it today. If not today, tomorrow arrives with the same love and conviction of a God desperately seeking the return of His children. In the newness of the morning, will you see the faithfulness and love of God accepting the new day that He is offering? Will today be the day that God is enough? Can your soul say, “The LORD is my portion…”? For those who do, a brand new life will be unfolded before you. All the hurts and disappointments will begin to fade away and new purpose and provision will spill over into your life. Will you firmly establish your hope in the permanence of God and take it back from this fickle world? The Lord is good to those who do! His compassion never fails even when our hope does. He comes back each morning with the same thing…more love…more compassion…more mercy. His Glory chases His People longing for acceptance.

Quit comparing today with yesterday and assuming that it will be “just another day in paradise,” and claim the new life that Jesus Christ is offering. It is brand new. The sins from yesterday are gone by His mercy. Better choices are on the horizon. The problems of yesterday can be opportunities today for God to flood you with His grace. The blessings He has for you are released by faith and trust that today will be better just because God is here. He loves you! The sun rose to meet you and remind you of this truth. Walk in the newness of life each day. Surrender yesterday. It has now become the past. God is your future through Jesus Christ. His purpose is yours. Seize the day and live life as a new creation each day.

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3 Shades of Blue is a pop rock band out of the Philadelphia area. See the Sun is from their Love Will Sing Out EP which can be found on iTunes or on their website. For more information about 3 Shades of Blue you can go to their website at:

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