Musically Speaking with Dez Childs

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It’s not very often you get a chance to enter the inner sanctum of an aspiring artist. Most artists by nature prefer to be reclusive. It is in these private places that their creativity grows and as a result a work of art is produced.

I had the pleasure and privilege to enter that inner sanctum when I visited Dez Childs and her husband, Steve at their recording studio. The studio is called Musically Speaking and it is located in Blackwood. You can learn just about anything you can imagine about music there. It is a very professional operation with all the latest technology you would expect. It was an ideal setting for an interview.

If you have ever seen Dez and her band perform you already know that there is something extra special about her ministry. Her bubbly, humorous and sincere personality flows through her words as she speaks and her songs as she sings. It is as if God destined her for music ministry. It just seems so natural for her.

The funny thing is Dez grew up in a family of musicians and performers. It is in her blood, so to speak.

“I had such a blessed childhood,” she said. “My mother was a professional singer who worked with The Four Seasons. Both my grandfathers were music teachers, one played piano in church and the other one was a singer, songwriter and comedian.”

With all that talent and experience around Dez you may think there would have been some family pressure to follow in their footsteps. Most professionals want their children to carry on the family traditions.


“No, not at all! I did not feel pressured or forced,” she said. “They were actually a little hesitant about me entering the business as they knew the hardships of being a musician. They would have preferred that I become a lawyer. Acting was first for me. I loved acting, singing actually came last.”

Raised by a Baptist mother and a Catholic father, Dez remembers a time when her father, a military man, was stationed in Iceland with his family.

“Through the youth organization there we were given memory verses. If you could recite them you would get prizes. We, my sister and I, did really well and my dad was so proud of us! But the one verse that stood out for me was John 3:16. That`s when the Lord really started working on me.”

It was during this time and later on in her life that Dez would seek out her father for some answers and explanations about God and the Bible. It was during an Easter production of the Passion Play at Gloucester County Community Church that Dez began to seek the truth about Jesus. She felt like something was not right, something was missing.

“The story led me to ask my father one more question. I said, ‘Dad, why did Jesus die? I don’t understand!’ He said simply, ‘for our sins.’ That night I said a prayer and asked Jesus into my heart. I was 15.”

Dez not only has a musical background but is also an experienced missionary as well. She has been to Hungary, Romania, San Francisco and Las Vegas. That’s right, Sin City as it is known as by many. She would just hang out along the thoroughfare to take in all the sights and sounds of the city.

“It was fun to just look at the lights and especially the water show at the Bellagio Hotel,” she said.

“The most impressionable thing about missions I learned was to love on people and to listen. There were so many people that the Lord brought right along side of me. We would just strike up a conversation and some of the stories they would tell me were so heart wrenching.”

When it comes to her music and song writing it is something that comes natural for Dez. Her songs are about experiences she hopes will minister to others with similar experiences. The lyrics especially speak to young girls and their struggles with acceptance by their peers.

“I have a heart for young girls. I have had the same struggles that they have.”

Dez is not alone in this ministry. She works together with her husband, Steve when it comes to writing, producing and recording her music. You would think working and being around your spouse all day, every day could be a little trying on a marriage. However, that is not an issue for this young couple.

“It really hasn’t been that way for me,” Steve said. “It’s hard to explain but the fact is we love doing this! It’s kind of fun too! I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. I couldn’t stand to be away from her.”

There is a line from a popular movie that says, “We’re on a mission for God.” Well that was just a movie line, but to Dez and Steve it is a real-life adventure. It is easy to see that this is a God-ordained union for ministry. I can envision them walking hand in hand into the Son-rise with their guitars and hearts for God to help bring people to the Lord!
If you are a person with a passion for music ministry contact Musically Speaking Studios or look up Dez on her website. You will also find information about upcoming shows and releases.

Musically Speaking Studios
310 South Black Horse Pike
Blackwood, NJ 08012

Dez Childs website

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