Kindred’s April Artist of the Month: CoastalRise

By Tim Ewing —  April 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

Coastalrise band pic

Members:Timmy Whiting, Brenna Carnuccio, Nic Frishmuth, Eric Cogorno, Lance Mobley and David Thompson

People like genre titles, which are meant to give the listener an idea of what they’re about to experience. It’s our natural human tendency to desire order. This music doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t fit into a “genre box” and that’s exactly what sets CoastalRise apart from other music today. Their passion-filled lyrics in combination with their beachy vibe is appealing and inspiring to all ages, and fans of all genres. In a new generation of music, people find the CoastalRise sound refreshing.

CoastalRise has been creating together since October of 2010. This group of friends had no intention of becoming a band, but through a shared passion for their faith and their art, the music was a natural product of their friendship. CoastalRise has been quickly rising on the indie scene. Just after the release of their self-titled debut album in June of 2011, they showcased at the prestigious ‘Creation Festival NorthEast,’ where they took the top indie performer pick, landing them international recognition. God has been opening doors ever since. In the non-summer months,CoastalRise has played at many of Philadelphia’s top music venues and for sold-out crowds on the local music scene. Last summer, CoastalRise played at five of the nation’s largest festivals. They took the top indie pick at ‘Creation Festival NorthEast’ in 2011, and again at ‘Fandana Festival’ 2012. In November 2012 they headlined at ‘Alive Conference’ for more than 4,000 teens. Summer 2013 promises to be full of shows. They’ll be returning to Fandana Festival for a main stage performance this year, headlining at the famous Ocean City Music Pier, and debuting at Awesome God Festival in North Carolina.

‘Call of the Sea,’ CoastalRise’s sophomore album, is the more mature, developed, and collaborative sound of CoastalRise with all the fun and unexpected twists that keep listeners loving their music, yet still trying to place them into a genre category. “The music is God-inpspired. It starts as a seed. Brenna and I write together and when the band joins in, each song takes on a life of it’s own. There isn’t an overall theme for the album as far as sound or genre are concerned. Each song is unique. But there is a theme in the message. This album represents the call of the Lord and He is Living Water. I’ve always felt like the Lord’s presence is like being submerged in water. His waves wash over us, cleansing us, refreshing us again and again. I hope this album conveys this feeling to all who listen.” – Timmy Whiting

As Timmy said, in an interview on NPR’s ‘Here and Now,’ with Robin Young, “We want to make “good” music in every sense of the word.” CoastalRise is good musically – with original styling and intricate grooves, and good morally – with messages of hope and love in a dark and noisy world.Perhaps this is why CoastalRise has been welcomed at both secular and worship-style venues. Their live performance is engaging and feels like a party! Although the message may be subtle, they don’t hide who they are or who they’re singing for! It is their greatest desire to see people drawn to the Lord through their music. They all lead worship in their home churches and as a group have led worship around the country. They’ve seen many people experience the love of Christ. God is using CoastalRise – there is no denying it. They play to every audience with the same heart and those who hear are certainly blessed.


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CoastalRise is a six-piece contemporary Christian group based out of Phoenixville, PA. For more information on CoastalRise visit their website at: or their facebook page at:

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