Feature: Compelled

By Dom Ruggiero —  February 15, 2010 — Leave a comment

A testimony in song and praise

By Dom Ruggiero

After spending about an hour with them for this interview the things that struck me the most were their commitment to their families, to God and their ministry.

The American Heritage dictionary defines compelled as “to force or drive to a course of action, to secure or bring about by force, to overpower, to drive together; to unite by force; to herd.”

After talking to COMPELLED (Matt Russell, Rob Baumiester, Nate Sara and Mike Bruckler), a local band from South Jersey and watching them perform it is evident that the name of their band is not just a name but a feeling and a belief. They have a passion for the Lord and they will tell you that. The Lord, through the power of the Holy Spirit, “compels’ them to minister through song.

While watching their performances you will see that this group of young men are not a garage band, or a group of kids with instruments making noise………..they are for real! The lyrics are poetic and relate to the everyday struggles and triumphs of being a Christian. The music is powerful yet not overbearing (no heavy metal here!). When you watch Matt sing, Rob play guitar, Mike play drums and Nate play bass you can feel the Holy Spirit being funneled through their voices as they sing and their hands as they play. Their music is their testimony.

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