Devotion: Jesus Take The Wheel

By Tim Ewing —  September 26, 2013 — Leave a comment

Inspired by “Teach Me How To Drive” by Dave Pettigrew


Have you ever looked at your life and found yourself in the same place year after year? You realize that you’ve been going in circles time and time again. At this point of realization you have three choices: keep going in circles, turn around and go back to where you came from and forget all the progress that you’ve made up to this point, or stop for direction. Too often it’s so hard for us to admit that we just need help. It is our nature to want to be in control and we try to convince ourselves that if we just keep trying that we’ll eventually find our way. The Bible teaches us that pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. Sometimes we are prideful without even realizing it. It isn’t a shame to be dependent on someone; especially when it’s Jesus Christ.

There comes a time in all of our lives when we keep going around and around and quit progressing. We start out well and then realize we are back at square one. We hold onto the same feelings, the same pain or keep making the same mistakes. But if we’re ever going to progress any further on this journey we are going to have to stop everything, relinquish our control and consult the only One who truly knows the way.

Circumstances take all of us by surprise. Life deals us all a bad hand from time to time which we may or may not deserve. Sometimes pain and suffering are brought on by our own making. Sometimes it’s dealt unfairly. The common ground is that it all hurts and we have to get beyond the pain if we are going to progress any further.
So, how do you survive through those times? You get out of the driver’s seat. He doesn’t ask us to know what the next step is. He doesn’t ask us, or even want us, to know where tomorrow’s turn is. All He asks is that we hand over our wheel to Him. Though in theory it sounds easy, most times we begrudgingly agree or keep one hand on the wheel just in case we think we know a better route.

If there’s just one thing you get out of this devotional, I hope you know that God will never steer you wrong. I promise, over and over again that He will steer you where He knows you need to go. Even if you don’t feel like He knows what He is doing, trust Him. So, hop out of the driver’s seat, get comfortable in the passenger seat, and enjoy the trip; it promises to be, exciting, extravagant, and most importantly, eternal.
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Dave Pettigrew is a contemporary Christian singer/worship leader from New Jersey. Teach Me How To Drive is from his 2005 release Somebody I’m Supposed To Be. You can purchase this track or the whole CD on his website at

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