CoastalRise “Call of the Sea” Album Review

By Tim Ewing —  April 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

CoastalRise - Call of The SeaThe dictionary defines the word original as: “something new; fresh; or inventive. One of a kind,” all attributes that I would use when describing the band CoastalRise. This is especially true with their newly released Sophomore album “Call of the Sea.” With just one listen, you’ll soon quickly come to agree that there’s something special and magical about the chemistry, musicianship and originality the band brings through each song they sing.

One of the most distinctive elements that immediately jumps out as the music plays, is the uniqueness of lead singer Timmy Whiting’s voice. Paired up in perfect harmony with Brenna Carnuccio, it’s truly a match made in heaven. But if I were to leave it at just that, I would be shortchanging the fact that on top of incredible harmony, follows music that is so fun and exciting, it’s almost like a party waiting to happen. You literally can’t stop your face from smiling and your feet from tapping to the catch and very danceable beats. Don’t believe me, just play the very first track, “Call of the Sea” and you’ll find yourself wanting to start a conga line with your friends, family, maybe even a stranger or two. The fun doesn’t stop there, just listen to the next few tracks (Lovely Avenue , Of The Light and Contretemps) and the dancinglike atmosphere continues.

It’s not until we get to halfway through the album that things start to slow down and we see, the more mellow chilled side of CoastalRise that we discovered originally from their self-titled debut. Take the songs for example Home, Prime Colors or Baby and you’ll see exactly what I mean. It’s as if you are suddenly transformed from the dance floor, to slow dancing and relaxing on the beach. Then we come to my favorite, and probably the catchiest song on the whole album, “Beach Bike Bandit” where we find that on top of great vocals and music, we also have very clever writing. In “Beach Bike Bandit” we find a story of a person who steals a bike and then wrestles with his conscience on whether to return it or keep it, ultimately leaving the thief with huge regret for stealing the bike. What I find most interesting is that the song’s upbeat and extremely fun nature works as a complete opposite to the guilt, the thief feels. However, that’s not the only cleverly written song. Take for example the opening track, “Call of the Sea” where Timmy uses the sea as a way of describing Christ. Just as the waves and sea are inviting and call out to us, so too does Jesus. And though, sometimes it might be scary to jump into the water, once you’re there it’s a calming and beautiful feeling that you feel, similar to the feeling you get when you trust Jesus and His plan for your life. One final example I’ll share is in the song, “Contretemps” a French term used in ballet meaning “beating against time.” In this song the analogy of dance is used to as CoastalRise explains, “describe living a life that goes against the beat of the culture we live in. To be in the world but not of it, stepping to a different beat but still part of the dance. To be in the areas we are placed, never retreating and never conforming, fearlessly living out the love of Christ.”

In closing, this album is not only original, but it is chock full of fun and excitement, you won’t want it to end. With its many musical elements of ska, rock, dance, swing, reggae and even slower guitar driven ballads, there is something for every musical taste. A must have for any fan of music.


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CoastalRise is a six piece contemporary Christian group based out of Phoenixville, PA. “Call of the Sea” is their sophomore release and can be purchased on iTunes, CD Baby, or from their website. For more information on CoastalRise visit their website at:

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