Bride Dressed In Black ‘Battle The Beast’ Album Review

By Tim Ewing —  August 13, 2013 — 2 Comments

Bride Dressed in Black - Battle the Beast

The phrase often imitated but never duplicated has been used to describe many things; but when it comes to music, it’s a perfect description of Bride Dressed in Black. From their earliest days as a band, Bride Dressed In Black originated and pioneered the genre now known as “Hip Rock.” Fusing together hip hop and hard rock, and later adding the hauntingly beautiful and melodic vocal styles of Gabrielle “G” Rafter, Bride Dressed in Black has shown us that when it comes to music, experimenting and combining various styles and genres of music can prove to be a great recipe for success. This is especially true with their newest release “Battle The Beast.”

From the opening track to the last note of the last song, you can feel the energy, passion and love for their music and for God. Each rhyme, melody and guitar riff has been painstakingly thought about and created with a higher purpose in mind. “You Can’t Stop Me” is a great example of this. Right from the opening few words we clearly the vision and mission of the band, “See me coming with a light so bright… got a mission in hand….keep Christ in sight… my whole crew is relentless….prepare for battle, hands ready for war.” “Never Lose My Soul” also follows this idea, sharing the idea that they will stay true to their calling and focus on God no matter how much satan or the world might entice them to stray. Other notable tracks to look out for on this CD include “Let’s Get It”, “Hip Rock”, “Monster In Me” and “One Moment,” a song written in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a CD that is fresh, innovative and fun, if you’re looking for a CD that will challenge your faith, if you’re looking for a CD that you can crank up to 11, if you’re looking for a CD that you can give to an unsaved friend without fear of them saying it’s lame or too preachy, or if you’re looking for the next big thing before they’re big, then Bride Dressed in Black’s Battle The Beast is for you! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I would highly suggest giving it a listen. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Click here to listen to You Can’t Stop Me

Click Here to listen to Never Lose My Soul

Click here to listen to Let’s Get It

Click here to listen to Hip Rock

Click here to listen to Monster In Me

Click here to listen to One Moment


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Bride Dressed in Black is a hip rock group from the Baltimore Maryland area. “Battle the Beast,” is their newest release, and can be found on iTunes, Amazon, their website, and always at live events. For more information about Bride Dressed in Black you can visit their website at

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2 responses to Bride Dressed In Black ‘Battle The Beast’ Album Review

  1. Shane Smith (Jestyr) November 4, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    This album is, hands-down, amazing! I am so proud of BDIB! Cannot wait to hear more from them in the future!

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